Sigep 2019

Michela Ciappini

SIGEP 2019

Sigep is the most important ice expo in the world. Every year form all aver the continents here in Rimini meet up people who work in the ice cream business.
Within the rich program of event s here i s the stage where every 2 years the ialian ice sculpting competition happen “ Gelato d’Oro”. This is part of the selections witch will form the italian team for the world Ice cream Championship.

There are 4 categories :
Chef on ice cream: Sugar carving: ice cream Chef and Ice carving.
I applied for the ice sculpting challenge.

You have i block of ice : 100x 50x 25 cm.You can use all pawer tools you need : chainsaw, grinder , chisels, etc: and you have to be finished in 3 hours.
I did practice  a lot on my piece so i could be prepared for that challenging live show.

My piece’s title is : the couple and represent how within the couple sometimes the view are upside-down.
Well I won the 1st price and i got into the italian team for the next Challenge of the world competition in 2020.
I received a lots of attention also as being one of the first female ice carving in this fields.
Truly it is mainly a matter of male jobs.

I was amazed na d proud of being part of this team.I saw extremely hight professionally. people whom choose to research for the best ingredients, try and experiment.
I learned from them to fully dedicate with passion on your job.

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