Michela Ciappini


Michela Ciappini was born in Longiano, Italy in 1976. After graduating from Bologna Art Academy with a qualification in Set Design, Michela began working as a multidisciplinary artist, for various theatre and TV production companies and also theme parks. Michela works with an extensive range of different materials including polystyrene, clay, plaster, ceramic clay, concrete and wood…

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Stage shoot from “Incoronazione di Poppea”

Scene M.Spazzi, Theater Kiel Opernhaus Germany. I sculpted parts of a jant Efebo classic sculpture crashed a part.
Chest, hand, face, leg are made in dense foam coated and painted. Those despalys on the stage can be moved around as they have wheel.
Singer and actors climb and walk in it.

Scene from “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”

This rappresent a prospective view on a labor’s neighborhood, leading to the Factory.It is 9,5m.x 4m high, divided in2 parts moving on wheels.
It took me 14 days work, with an assistant to assemble the foam blocks and carve it.
Debut on December 2019 Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano.


king lion
King lion

Blueba-barock park Ludwisburg Germany

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

Blueba-barock park Ludwisburg Germany

pinocchio in osteria del gambero rosso
“Pinocchio”Italia in Miniatura

scenography for theme park

wall decoration from michela ciappini

wall decoration

plaster cameo made from michela ciappini
Flowery Cameo

Plaster relief

Paster noir relief hare Michela Ciappinih
Free Zig Zag in black/2

Plaster decoration

plaster relief hare zig zag
Free Zig Zag in white/1

Plaster decoration

the zebra flow
The Zebra flow

oil painting

plaster relief tucano made from Michela Ciappini

Plaster decoration

Cupido detail

foam sculpture

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