The sand museum in Tottori

Umbrella dancers


There is only one permanent Sand Museum in the world: it is placed in Tottori in Japan.
Katsuiko Chean is the executive producer of the museum.I have met him in 2012 in Bogor: since that time he invites me to take part of the sand sculptor’s team in Tottori.
Working in Japan for this challenging event is for me a pleasure and at the same time very hard. The level of the sculpture is very high and the carvers are coming from all over the world.

All the time I have been in Tottori I remember as a very remarkable moment.
The team is composed of 21 sculptors and I can call them friends too.We share greats moment together. First of all,we join the pleasure to work doing what we love to do: sand carving. We share knowledge, ideas and laughs.
The atmosphere is as much professional and willing for making the best out of it , as at the same time funny and creative. You never know how a barbecue dinner can end up.. : how many chIop-sticks can be stocked in your hairs?

Japanese people is the best host: they never leave you hungry, or thirsty: they make sure glass is always full on your dinner table, and faster than you drinking you beer, they shout one more”BIRU!”, to the waitress.
They always bring as to see a special traditional, place or show.This year at the specula Gala’ Dinner we saw this traditional lady dancer with umbrella.
Every year the working schedule exactly matches the cherry blossom season, and we can never miss a nice walk under the river side in Tottori town looking at the glorious cherry tree.

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