Panettone and Vecchia Romagna Spirit

Wineglass Bay Hiking


Nothing like snow, fireplace, 2017 i really had a unique Christmas.
I was in Melbourne for a sand project.That year it was extra hot weather and everyday there were alert to stay fresh and drinks a lot of water.
It was Marielle’s idea to fly over the sea to visit Tasmania.
So we did: we booked our flight to Hobart and we decide to see one of the 10th most beautiful bay in the world: so called sunglass-bay.

We planned to hike and camp for 4 days in a Freycinet Natural park, walking on a loop path of 53 km.
It is an amazing place to see. He brought with us all what we need as in the natural reservation there is no water, lodge or food.Our backpacks were quite heavy as we need drinkable water, water to cook, alcohol for the kitchen fire, food, night cloths, sleeping bag, tend and al the gear to camp in Nature.

Already at the end of the first day, we reached a deserted place, with no visitors around. We only met a Californian biologist who slept with us in the in the first base camp. During the night
We had a visit of a possum.i remember his nose sniffing the tend right in front of my face! it probably wanted to get the food we had with us.

David the Californian neighbor had been visited by a snake witch tried to roll itself under his tend to stay warm and save.We heard of that the morning after by his words. After that story it was a bit stressing to go pee.
I will always remember the sunrise on the see side on the second day.

Swim in the fresh water as morning wake up, seeing birds fishing, remains in your heart forever.
On our loop walk we have meet cockatoos, snakes, lizards, platypus, foot prints of Tasmania Devil.
On the 3rd night we slept in the forest and it was 25th December.
We could’t miss to celebrate!

This was one of the best Christmas i ever had. For the special occasion Me and  Marielle cooked freeze-dried food spaghetti carbonara. Of course we exaggerated with the water quantity and instead of a dry spaghetti we had a carbonara soup with spaghetti.

It didn’t matter as we were so happy to be in that fantastic scenario. We decorated the camping area with a miniature pine tree, brought from home and we had panettone and vecchia romagna drink for cheering to life!

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