Ice Nativity Bellaria Igea Marina: “… 4 steps around here”

2020 Bellaria Igea Marina .
Ice sculpture exhibition 12m x 2 m/h.
“…4 steps around here”is an exhibitions composed by 4 main scenes:
this represent for me the world with its faces and corners.The world with its all habitant, and living is a diamond world moving fast to the future.
3 King all different by ethnic features and proportions are together following the direction of the star.
-The Care:
Angel with watering can.What could be more sacre than daily care?What is more thirst-quenching than a simple gesture?
– The Hug:
A monolithic family calling at you.Challenge of this piece was Jesus. He is back carved.A funny tricky way of reverse the act of carving.


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