Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival Taiwan

The first Taiwan World Sculpting championship held in 2013  received an overwhelming  response.Therefore this year 2015 ,there are 10 artists from 10 different country to attempt the  3rd year competition .

Fulong beach is a special place to be as it is surrounded by the sea on one side and the rived on the other.The scenery looks already amazing, when we got there.


Sand forms are big and already compacted , ready to be carved in the 6 and half day by the sculptors.This year the theme is -World peace- .


My piece title’s : -The same shirt-(3 rd place)

When we are born we are all the same, for the first day, maybe for the first hours.Then we go home and we enter a rich house or a poor house, we get Christian education or Islamic, Bubbhist. We start to dress a t-shirt or a dress or a veil.Sometime we think we are in opposition, that border are divining us..
We wear all the same shirt: back on the first day of evenness.
-dedicated to Cesere Semproli



IMG_3544 IMG_3545




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